Civekos: Living Together


pronounced: [sih-VEE-kos]


Civekos is a new way of living in community. It creates spaces for people to live, learn, interact and grow. It connects people to their surrounding neighborhoods. And in particular, Civekos creates affordable and useful places for social benefit professionals to live and cultivate their contribution to society.

Please find us on social media @civekos and follow our blog here.  There is a lot going on in the co-living space. Civekos Togetherment Residences is the name of our enterprise, Civekos is the name for our group living concept.

Here are some definitions, for those new to the scene.

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While at the Harvard Kennedy School in the fall of 2017, I was working on the project to move it from a back-burner into a real state of motion. I am building the model, the description, and the research to be able to pitch it to some social venture funders.

In working with Carl Byers, Associate Professor and instructor of MLD-829 (Entrepreneurial Finance) at the Kennedy School, I have developed the idea further. The main suggestion he has had is to split the property management company from the real estate holding company. That way there could be more of a for-profit side managing things and the non-profit side would hold the properties in trust, and/or acquire and receive them.

New Togetherment Pitch Deck

New Togetherment Pitch Deck

We are going to work from this deck to identify the main hurdles to putting together a prototype of a Civekos togetherment in late 2018.


Here is the deck:

Civekos Togetherment Pitch Deck v1

Major concerns:

  • Can the numbers work – can any numbers work or is this dependent upon an unrealistic $1m investment or crazy in-kind contribution of a facility?
  • Do we need to focus on a tech platform in order to have some kind of differentiator from just being a fancy property management enterprise (knowing the margins in that biz are crazy thin)?
  • How can we cultivate a community of prospective members and not become just another co-housing-like group scrapping around to find a property?

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